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An Advanced Detection System for In Situ Hybridization Using a Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer-based Molecular Beacon Probe
Enzyme-labeled Antigen Method: Factors Influencing the Deterioration of Antigen-binding Activity of Specific Antibodies during Formalin Fixation and Paraffin Embedding
Protective Effect of Ebselen on Ischemia-reperfusion Injury in Epigastric Skin Flaps in Rats
Optimized Mouse-on-mouse Immunohistochemical Detection of Mouse ESR2 Proteins with PPZ0506 Monoclonal Antibody
Role of Cancer Stem-like Cells in the Process of Invasion and Mesenchymal Transformation by a Reconstituted Triple-negative Breast Cancer Cell Population Resistant to p53-induced Apoptosis

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